Serena Freeman


Serena is a hugely experienced producer who has worked for a multitude of brands Gocompare.com Sheilas’ Wheels, esure Morrisons, General Mills, Nestle, Unilever, Ford and O2 …. across all media.  Brutally efficient yet charming in organising productions, she’s laser precise on budgets, passionately dedicated to creating and building the best work for the best price. 


Pip Hancock

Head of Business Affairs

Pip brings excellent skills and extensive knowledge to all productions. With a background in Production herself she assesses each job at script stage, from various angles.  

She has great relationships with Clearcast and with TV stations, cinema houses etc. She is industrious and driven to ensure the process is as smooth as possible, with great communication and early flags. She works primarily in UK advertising but also for Ireland and further afield in clearance/supply when required.


Martine Stickland

TV Administrator

Martine works as TV Administrator she has many years’ experience in TV advertising production as a producer and TV administrator. She has previously worked at eminent agencies HHCL and CHI & Partners.